Download SimpleMind Pro full edition 1.23.2 MacOSX Free

Download SimpleMind Pro full edition 1.23.2 MacOSX Fast

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SimpleMind Pro full edition 1.23.2 MacOSX
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SimpleMind Desktop is a mind-mapping tool that turns your Mac into a brainstorming, idea-collecting, and thought-structuring device. It connects to the similar SimpleMind for iPhone/iPad app. Analyze
Analyse your thoughts and structure them with SimpleMind. The unique free lay-out allows you to organize your ideas exactly how you want it. See how information fits together, grasp the underlying structures and make new and unexpected connections. Learn
To understand something you need to visualize its main elements and the connections between them. That way, the information becomes more clear and easier to recall. SimpleMind allows you to do just that. All devices
Use SimpleMind any time, any place. For example, start a Mind Map on an Android tablet in your meeting and finish it at home on your Mac. SimpleMind is available for Android, for iPad/iPhone, for Mac or for Windows. Synchronize your Mind Maps easily between devices. Add media
A picture is worth a thousand words, add images to your Mind Map With SimpleMind for Android, iPad and iPhone you can also add voice memos. Adding videos is possible with SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone. Notes
SimpleMind makes note-taking easy in the list layout. Or create an invisible note to add large texts without cluttering your Mind Map. Share
Ready to show your ideas to the world? With SimpleMind you can share your Mind Maps with others or use presentation mode. Simple as that
FEATURES: Easy to use: Unique Free lay-out to organize your ideas exactly how you want it. Horizontal Auto layout, perfect for brainstorming Three additional auto-layouts: Vertical, Top-down and List. Multiple selection support Virtually unlimited page size and number of elements. Create as many Mind Maps as you want. Multiple Mind Maps on one page. Add topics and siblings easily. Drag, rotate, (re)arrange or reconnect topics and branches. Create crosslinks to connect any 2 topics on the Mind Map. Use snap to grid and snap to guidelines to align topics. Share Mind Maps: Share the Mind Map as .pdf, image, outline, freemind or opml. Copy Outline Text places entire mind map as text on device clipboard. (Not for iPad/iPhone.) Print. Add media and information: Add notes to topics, ideal to add long texts without cluttering your Mind Map. Add images or photos. iPad/iPhone/Android only: Add video recordings to topics. Play back of video recordings made with iPad/iPhone/Android. iPad/iPhone/Android only: Add voice memo's Play back of voice memo's made with iPad/iPhone/Android. Use the build-in stock icons or your own custom icons. Add labels to topics and relations. Add links to documents or webpages. (The Mac AppStore edition does not support linking to files on your computer due to Apple's security policies.) Add links to Mind Maps, link to a specific topic on a Mind Map. Use checkboxes and auto numbering. Maintain overview: Collapse or expand branches. Hide or show individual topics or branches. Show branch borders to highlight a branch. Outline view, showing the structure of the Mind Map. Drag drop to restructure. Search for Mind Maps. Search for text in the Mind Map editor. Desktop only: Advanced search options in Mind Map editor: search for checkbox state (unchecked, checked) or icon. Desktop only: Autofocus. Visual Appearance: Apply one of the many build-in style sheets. Create custom style sheets. Customise colors, lines and borders. Change the style and color for the whole Mind Map or change a single element only. Customize background color. Pick colors the style color palette or choose custom colors. Manually adjust relation paths (bend lines). Manage Mind Maps: Seamless synchronisation across platforms and devices using Dropbox or Google Drive. Sync mind maps safely to Dropbox or Google Drive. Restore a Mind Map to a previous version using or Import Mind Maps. Opens .smmx (native), .opml and freemind .mm files. Desktop only: Import the bookmarks of a pdf to create a new Mind Map. This Mind Map consists of a topic per bookmark, each topic linking back to the corresponding chapter in the original pdf. Export / import all local Mind Maps in a single archive, intended for backing up your local mind maps. Navigation history. Organize Mind Maps in Folders. Create a new (linked) Mind Map selection.
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