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File Size: 4.3 MB PNotes.NET is a useful application that allows you to populate your screen with virtual sticky notes, helping you remember important information, as well as set up scheduled alerts. It is often easy to forget various tasks or events, but if you spend a significant amount of time in front of your computer screen, placing visual reminders on your desktop is a simple way to avoid that. Customize note appearance and placement The application enables you to create notes and place them on your desktop, adjust their background color, font and transparency, as well as determine whether they are docked to a specific side of the screen.
You can add scheduled alerts to each note and have them display visual notifications, play custom sounds or run external applications. You can add multiple alerts to individual notes and they can be repeated at predefined intervals.
Various tags can be added to all your created notes, making it easier to locate them in the program's database. Create note groups and keep a daily journal PNotes.NET enables you to create groups and subgroups, to help you organize your notes into relevant categories. Each group can be assigned a custom icon and template, so that all notes added to that group share the same default appearance.
The application allows you to write special types of notes that function as diary pages. They are stored in a dedicated group and are always named depending on the date when they were added. Backup and encrypt data You can create backup copies of your notes before performing any changes, as well as create a backup of the entire program database.
It is also possible to password-protect a single note or group and encrypt stored files. You can even encrypt the text on your notes, making it unreadable.
All in all, PNotes.NET is a comprehensive tool, designed to help you add virtual notes on your desktop, with the purpose of reminding you of various tasks and events. It offers numerous options for customization, but may be slightly confusing for novice users.
Whats New: New features: Ability to perform scheduled synchronization Fixed bugs: Date/time boxes disappear when schedule dialog box is opening for “Multiple alerts” schedule type Calendar on DateTimePicker does not change the first day of week accordingly to user settings Preview pane in Control panel doesn't show note's content if the note is not saved IP address control does not work properly when last number in address is one digit number Log file entry is missing after unsuccessful note's delivering to another computer Encryption is not possible for note in Control Panel if the note is hidden If Preferences window is open and minimized, pressing corresponding button on Control Panel does not restore it Sound is not playing while hiding note No default name when saving note containing only images (discovered by Sergey Hristov) “Save As Text File” does not save line breaks SkyDrive plugin finally renamed into OneDrive Program freezes when user chooses any schedule type for note, checks “Hide note until notification” and press OK Lower part of Advanced settings on “Adjust schedule” dialog is not visible when display text size is set to be larger than default When user hides the menu item under submenu which has the one subitem, this item is still shown as thin line When following three options is checked: “Automatically adjust note's height depending on its content”, “Roll/unroll note by double click on caption”, “Fit to caption when rolled” - note's height doubles after each unrolling Improper docking notes behavior when display text size is set to be larger than default


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