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Nanotube Modeler 1.7.9
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Nanotube Modeler is a program for generating xyz-coordinates for Nanotubes and Nanocones. The Fullerene library by M.Yoshida may be accessed as well. Generated geometries may be viewed using the integrated viewer or by calling a viewer program of your choice. This program is based on the JNanotubeApplet but has improved and extended features. Main Features:
Interactive graphics (rotate structure by mouse drag)
Creation of Nanotubes, Nanocones, Buckyball, Graphene Sheets
Creation of capped (9,0) and (5,5) tubes
Application of tube distortions
Creation of single- or multi-walled nanotubes (SWNT, MWNT)
Export of XYZ, JPG, BMP, PDF, MOL, XMOL, PDB, CIF, VRML, POV files
Import of XY-Sheet coordinate files (can be rolled into tube)
Display of Drexler-Merkle molecular machines IMM
XY-Sheet generation tool (image search / manual assembly)
Nanotube Hetero-Junctions (using CoNTub plug-in)
Import of XMOL coordinate files (distortions can be applied to nanotube data)
More capped tubes (6,6), (10,0) and (10,10)
Create tubes by number of translational units
Custom MWNT input / Radius calculator / MWNT sequence finder
Expanded number of atoms for longer tubes
Rainbow color mode New CIF output option for ICSD style atom data block
User-assigned bond order for MOL file export
Modified for European customers (decimal point/comma issue)
Select one or both caps for capped tubes
Extra long tubes (>100,000 A)
Export bond connection files
Export MLM files (Agile Molecule)
Export Nano-Hole Arrays Export VRML1.0 (in addition to VRML2.0)
Multi-Layer Graphene Sheets
Rotation option for Multi-Layer Graphene Sheets
New (1.7.0): Added Icosahedral Virus Geometry generator
New (1.7.1): New customizable types (AlP, GaP etc)
New (1.7.3): Bug fixes related to Windows 7
Whats new:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.Homepage


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