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LineScape Enterprise 1.0.4645.15
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LineScope enables non-intrusive monitoring of modem communications over the telephone line. LineScope is aimed at V.22bis modem integrators, dial-up POS application developers and telephony gateway LineScope is ideal for troubleshooting new deployments of terminals, modems, transaction gateways (NACs), VoIP gateways and telephony
providers. Users in the payment terminal sector will appreciate the built-in support for Fast-Connect, SDLC/HDLC and ISO-8583. Features: Audio in - data out
Easy and non-intrusive telephone line monitoring using your notebook's soundcard.
Responsive online support by our technical specialists. ISO-8583 trace
View annotated contents of financial messages.
Create different configurations starter templates. Check tones
Get accurate dB/Hz estimates for call progress and handshake tones.
Built-in spectrum analyzer with peak finder. Async/SDLC/HDLC trace
Obtain hex dumps of link layer exchanges.
Detect retrain & break patterns.
View bitstream. View constellations
Visually check symbol constellation for impairments such as low SNR, gain compression and phase noise.
Channel estimates for modulation error ratio, equalizer stress, and carrier level, frequency and jitter. Troubleshoot handshakes
Automatic detection of FastConnect, async/sync and V.22/V.22bis, with detailed reporting.
Inspect tone events such as DTMF, call progress & handshake signals.
Use special diagnostic modes to aid troubleshooting. More instrumentation
Channel gain, symbol timing error, carrier offset & phase error.
dulator modulus/eye monitor.
Spectrum analyzer, spectrogram & waveform envelope.
Whats new:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.
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