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FontExplorer X Pro v6.0.8 MacOSX
: Discover what you can do with FontExplorer® X Pro. Experience an ultra-intuitive interface, a reliable architecture and a powerful feature set that provides quick access and control over your fonts.

Feature List:

Enhanced Font Classification with Sub-Categories (New in Version 6)
User Interface in Japanese (New in Version 6)
Localized Font Information for 25 Languages (New in Version 6)
Scan Documents for Fonts (New in Version 6)
Improved Font Tiles (New in Version 6)
Enhanced Web Preview (New in Version 6)
Unicode® 9 Support (New in Version 6)
CSV Document Export(New in Version 6)
“New Set from Selection” Menu Item (New in Version 6)
New “Import” Preference Setting (New in Version 6)
Sort by Path Name in Conflicts Panel (New in Version 6)
Expanded Source List (New in Version 6)
Automated Backup (New in Version 6)
System Notifications (New in Version 6)
Font Tile View
Customizable preview
Customizable list view
Support for latest Web Font formats
Enable/Disable fonts manually
Organize fonts with Sets
Automatically organize fonts with Smart Sets
Organize Sets and Smart Sets in folders
Enable/disable Sets, Smart Sets and Folders
Ad hoc Sets from current font selection
Activation control with application-based sets and font request view
Font family view
OpenType® style linking view
Detailed preview
Character view
Character Toolbox
Clean system font caches
Clean application (Adobe®, Microsoft®, Quark®) font caches


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