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Filter Forge 7.007 (x64)
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The final version of Filter Forge 7.0 is now available It features improved rendering engine that speeds up image processing, adds support for copying and pasting image and into Filter Forge, improves the logic of render map export, and updates over 40 components. It also includes support for the latest host applications and OS versions. New Features Added in Filter Forge 7: New Sample Cache Architecture Speeds Up Rendering
Rendering speed has always been a concern for many Filter Forge users. Filter Forge 7.0 brings in improvements to sample caching that can speed up lots of filters. Instant Component Search
New instant component search makes adding components to your filter faster and easier. Mappable Lists and Sliders
Filter Forge 7.0 refreshes 47 existing components, making their list and slider inputs mappable. It simplifies filter creation and gives authors more room for creativity. Copy / Paste
Filter Forge 7.0 adds support for copying and pasting images that allows you to use Filter Forge together with any image editor regardless of its support for plugins. New Approach to Channels
Thanks to the recent renderer rewrite, Filter Forge 7 brings in the ability to generate all render channels simultaneously and in parallel with the final image. You can now preview the channels being rendered and quickly switch between them without restarting rendering. Easy Export
The new Export dialog implements the long-awaited option to export multiple render channels at once. You can select specific images for export and fine-tune their export settings.WHATS NEW:Platform-independent:
- Update of the LUA scripting engine fixes a number of issues, including crashes when opening certain filters.
- Filter Editor no longer crashes after saving.
- Fixed a crash involving Bomber+ and Scale components.
- The Memory usage limit slider in Tools>Options now correctly limits available physical memory instead of virtual address space.
- Fixed a crash with grouping a group.
- Minor issues fixed.System requirements for Filter Forge 7 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Core 2 Duo or better CPU 4 GB
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