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Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free tool that scans your Wi-Fi network, maps devices and identifies and highlights network security flaws. Bitdefender Home Scanner looks for weak passwords, as well as vulnerable or poorly encrypted communications. It correlates the information gathered your connected devices with online vulnerability databases and gives you a thorough report so you can ensure maximum security for your network. Scan your home network for exploitable vulnerabilities Created by one of the big players of the cyber security sector, Home Scanner can scan your home network to identify all the connected devices and analyze each one of them to find potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Please note that it is not advisable to use this application on a public network, which is the reason why you are prompted to confirm that the detected network is a home one.
Finds devices and looks for critical security flaws Depending on how many devices are connected to your network, the scan takes more or less time. Also, your computer might experience lower processing speeds. Bitdefender Home Scanner can find any devices that are connected to the local network, including wireless devices such as Wi-Fi cameras, game consoles, routers, smart TVs, Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices, and so on. All of these devices are displayed within its main window, along with the local IP address and the security status of each. Bitdefender Home Scanner looks for weak authentication and breakable passwords, as well as hidden backdoors that can be used to spy on your devices. Even if no vulnerability has been found on your system, it is recommended you perform this scan periodically, as new potential flaws are found daily.
Fix vulnerabilities by following recommendations If you discover that Bitdefender Home Scanner assesses a network device as vulnerable, it is important to follow basic security rules, as suggested by the application. Among the recommendations, you can find changing passwords with stronger ones, install the latest software or firmware updates, and strengthen authentication methods. Please note that this application cannot replace a full-featured antivirus and does not protect your devices against threats. It is just a tool to evaluate the security status of your network devices and provide valuable recommendations. Whats New:
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